'Watch Out' For This New Dirtyphonics, Bassnectar and Ragga Twins Track: Listen

Sean Moore


Electronic heavyweights Dirtyphonics, Bassnectar, and Ragga Twins teamed up for their track "Watch Out" that's premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance today (March 31).

The track, released via Monstercat, wastes no time getting your heart thumping at full speed. The quick drums and intense bass paired with Ragga Twins' jungle influence helps this track feel like a summer party. The bass disappears for a few moments in the middle of the song, replaced by frantic synth that leads back into explosive sound.

Speaking on how the track came about, Bassnectar told Billboard Dance, " I was playing a show in Paris and hung out in the studio with the Dirtyphonics guys, we had this insane loop going and every time the downbeat synth hit everyone grimaced, but also like a really weird sense of pleasure at the same time. It took us like 89 years to finish cuz we kept making different versions, passing back and forth between half a dozen humans -- glad to see it finally alive and able to fly free into the world!"

Dirtyphonics adds, "At some point we all knew this was THE version and adding the Ragga Twins vocals on top made everything click together. There has been so much hype and anticipation on this song, we're so happy to finally share this with all our fans."

Listen to "Watch Out" below.