Mija Talks FK A Genre, Fashion Line, & Drum'n'Bass' Return at Miami Music Week: Watch

A lot of DJs get into the fashion merch game, but Mija didn't just do it on a whim. She actually studied fashion merchandising in college – before she dropped out to be a professional DJ, of course. Her Made By Mija company was made possible by her musical success, but her new “internet meets goth meets punk” clothing line is truly a dream come true.

A lot of things have come full circle for the LA-based DJ. Her FK A Genre tour has brought all her adolescent influences back to the forefront as she continues to push the boundaries of style and tempo and encourages those around her to do the same. Billboard Dance's Matt Medved caught up with Mija at the SiriusXM Music Lounge to chat about that, learn what collectives and sounds influence her around the world, and her Arizona warehouse rave past. Watch the full interview below.