This Synthesizer That Runs on Blood Is the Gothest Thing You'll See All Day

Video still from 'Until I Die'
Courtesy Photo

Video still from 'Until I Die'

The need for blood is so great in this country that your blood is used, on average, within the first two days of your donation. That is an alarming and important statistic -- but even more alarming is this insane synthesizer installation some freaky artist in Slovenia just made that runs on batteries that converted 7 liters of his own blood into direct current voltage.

Moscow-based artist Dmitriy Morozov, aka ::vtol::, drained himself of 4.5 liters over the course of a few months, diluted that blood with distilled water, glucose, sodium citrate and other substances, then loaded the final 7 liters into canisters designed to mimic 19th-century electrical experiments -- or, to our eyes, creepy chandeliers that might decorate a vampire's dusty mansion.

Morozov drew the last bit of blood necessary for the experimental installation at the performance presentation as part of the official launch. Because vitality, like all other things, is subject to energetic entropy, the “synthesizer” could only run for eight hours before the artist's blood ran out of go-go juice.

The installation was the product of Morozov's “desire to create a techno-biological hybrid device … (that was), in all but name, me, that uses my vitality to create electronic sounds.

“I become the observer looking at my own performance,” he says in this video, translated by one Zachary Vigna.

This was “not an attempt to create advanced technology,” Morozov says. “It was a symbolic act,” representing the ephemeral nature of existence, much like a Buddhist monk may create a colorful mandala of sand, only to destroy it soon after.

The installation is also a big shout-out to blood donation and transfusion, so let's all go get at that right quick. Check the video below to learn the ins and outs of this insane technology, then go listen to some Bauhaus, because this is the gothest thing you'll see all day.