Chris Malinchak's 'Magic' Is 'A Burst of Feel Good': Exclusive Premiere

Phil Knott
Chris Malinchak

I had the chance to catch Chris Malinchak do the magical thing he does on the decks a few months ago, and I've got to tell you: It was a ray of sunshine in a dark and smoky club. There's something so effortlessly cool about the music he makes and mixes. He puts his whole body into it, and then so does the dance floor, and before you know it, you're all screaming and throwing your hands up at the same time.

Malinchak's latest track “Magic” is a really good example of the artist at his height. Frowns are impossible when this “burst of feel good” comes around. That's how Malinchak describes the song, and he's not wrong. It's got a playful vocal sample. It's kind of got this vintage feel to it, like you're running through an old 1940s cartoon field of daisies, and the flowers are smiling, and it's the Depression Era, but you really don't care.

“Magic” is out on Ultra Friday, March 10, but you can listen to it right now below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.