Check Out the Guinness World Record-Breaking Tiniest Mobile Dance Club

Courtesy Photo
Club 28 - The Worlds Smallest Mobile Nightclub

There are many ways to leave your mark on this world. You can opt for a grand statement that will live in infamy thanks to its immeasurable scope. Or, if you're British dance music buffs Gerard Jenkins-Omar, 31, and Stephen Robson, 43, you can go super, super small and still make history.

The pair have successfully made it into the Guinness World Records 2017 after the Guinness folk confirmed that their micro dance club, Club 28, was, in fact, the smallest mobile disco ever constructed. Jenkins-Omar and Robson set up the club -- 6 ft. 7 in. high, 3 ft. wide and 5 ft. deep -- at last fall's Rotherham Carnival in South Yorkshire, England, and made it with just enough space for around six dancers and one DJ.

Jenkins-Omar, 31, who spent a few summers in his 20s running the underground music event Spooned on the EDM mecca of Ibiza, tells Billboard he got the idea after being asked to create a dance music area for the carnival's after-party. "Rather than do something over-the-top, I thought I would do something small and intimate," he says. "I checked to see if there was a record for the world’s smallest club and there was – so the challenge was set. I set about speaking to the Guinness Book of Records to verify the attempt and then built it and attempted the record successfully."

With a professional sound system featuring two turntables and a microphone, a shrunken dance floor with requisite lighting and, of course, a disco ball and a bouncer keeping watch, the club was briefly open to the general public (a prerequisite for landing the record) for a bargain $0.61 a pop. Jenkins-Omar says he bought a second-hand shed he knew would be small enough to break the record and then asked a handyman working for the carnival to help him build a second door onto the wooden frame, add a DJ booth and lift the roof so clubbers could stand up. They added a small dance floor and had British street artists Marcus Method make the outside trippy with a lyrics-quoting paint job.

The Club 28 partners -- who make house tunes under the name Brandel -- opened their doors on Sept. 24 in order to get the record and they now plan to take it to festivals all over the UK. "The first person to enter the club as a customer was my wife Danielle," Jenkins-Omar says, noting that his pal Sam Cawley (aka DJ Sam Hudson) was one of the house DJs, along with Rotherham local Dangerous Nile. "My parents also came along and my mother-in-law. Other than this hundreds of people who were complete strangers came and partied in the club throughout the carnival. It was open to both adults and children and they all absolutely loved it."

Patrons danced to a mix of old school house music and current hits by the likes of Kygo for what Jenkins-Omar says was an "all around disco feel... with a feel-good upbeat tempo." According to the Guinness folk -- who announced the official record on Wednesday (March 8) -- the pair's micro-club easily beat out the previous record-holder, another UK effort, 2010's "Rumours," which was a cavernous box measuring 6 ft. 8 in. high, 3 ft. 10 in. wide and 5 ft. 10 in. deep.

Warning: claustrophobics need not apply.