Kehlani Collaborator Coucheron Premieres New Single 'Barely Floating': Exclusive

Olav Stubberud

Sebastian Kornelius Coucheron-Gautier Teigen, better known as Coucheron, has really been making a name for himself. After collaborating with Kehlani in 2015, and later being nominated for a Grammy, Coucheron is ready to drop his newest project. But before the 23-year-old producer releases his full debut LP, he is giving us a little taste of what to expect with his second single “Barely Floating.”

The catchy track is like a rollercoaster ride that you want to fall in line for over and over again. The playful and upbeat tone combined with the airy, seductive vocals of Norwegian singer Matilda, carries you effortlessly to the very end. You will be sure to get addicted. The song finishes the same way it began, with a slow mesmerizing tone - almost as if you were being hypnotized and then later coming back to reality.

"I'd been stuck on this track for a while, when I randomly heard one of Matilda's songs on the radio one day. I managed to get her in the studio the next day and everything just clicked,” Coucheron says. “She nailed the vibe of the song 100%, and it really inspired me to finish the song the way I did.”


“Barely Floating” and Coucheron’s previously released single “Loud” will both be on his upcoming debut album that will be released through Toothfairy. Listen below exclusively on Billboard Dance: