Cash Cash & ROZES Talk Collaborating and Unveil New Single 'Matches': Exclusive

Jabari Jacobs
Cash Cash

Dance trio Cash Cash and singer ROZES have both experienced smash dance hits, albeit separately. Cash Cash has enjoyed multiple chart toppers, most notably  “Take Me Home” alongside Bebe Rexha, while ROZES broke out thanks to “Roses,” her collaboration with The Chainsmokers.

\Now, the two are combining forces on the new track “Matches,” which drops tomorrow via Big Beat and exclusively premieres here. It’s a pulsating, aching jam that reflects on a whirlwind high school relationship that inevitably goes sour. Here, ROZES and Cash Cash’s JP Makhlouf discuss “Matches,” a track born after a chance meeting between the two.

ROZES, how did you get involved with “Matches?"

ROZES: I first met Cash Cash in Philadelphia at the Let It Snow Show in my hometown for AMP radio. We just kind of started talking music. I said I had this song and that it’d be cool if they helped me out with it.

JP Makhlouf: We obviously know her voice from the Chainsmokers’ song, so we knew that we should definitely do something together. It was cool to cross paths at the right time and it worked out really well.

What’s the song about? I know there’s a personal story behind it…

ROZES: Yeah, it’s definitely personal. Me and my best friend were talking about our high school break-ups, and we got into how it’s so crazy how someone can just come in, blow up your life, and then it turns into nothing. That’s where I got the idea for “Matches.” In the song, I’m telling the story about sitting on his parent’s couch and you think you’re so in love, but then it turns into a full blown fire.

Makhlouf: I think everybody has had that experience. It’s relatable and it’s nostalgic, thinking about high school crushes and the relationship that kind of breaks your whole world. Everybody’s been through that.

JP, Cash Cash is known for having a ton of guest features from Bebe Rexha to John Reznik. What’s it like working with so many different genre-spanning all the time? It’s kind of become your thing.

Makhlouf: Yeah, we tried to make that our thing; merging so many different features from different genres with electronic music. We made it all cohesive with our production, writing, and the chords we use. We’ve gotten to work on so many diverse things, from collaborating with hip hop artists like Busta Rhymes to Nelly and B.O.B. to singer-songwriters like Christina Perri or Fitz from Fitz and the Tantrums. It’s cool because because it allows us to try something new as opposed to making the same song with the same sounding features. We really look for voices that are distinct. When we started working with Bebe and realized she had this edge to her voice, just the way she pronounced her words and hit her high notes that we knew we just had to do something with her. Same thing for Rozes too. She’s got one of those distinct, vibey, natural voices. For us, that’s more important than a singer who does crazy runs. We’re all about vibe, energy, and tone.

ROZES, you first broke through after your feature on The Chainsmokers’ “Roses.” Can you talk about the similarities or differences between now collaborating with both Cash Cash and The Chainsmokers?

ROZES: Working with The Chainsmokers, we kind of went back and forth on a lot of things; they’d send me tracks before we even met. With Cash Cash, we met in person before we had any idea of what was going to happen. So the dynamic was already different and the friendship was different. The way that Cash Cash builds their sound is a lot different as well. Their production is more intricate; the way Cash Cash makes a song come to life is so beautiful and it really shows the emotion of the song.

Makhlouf: For “Matches” it came together quick. It was smooth and one of those no-brainer kind of collabs. Sometimes you’re in the studio and you’re just beating the track or the vocal down, but this was very natural and organic.

I see Cash Cash has a ton of Vegas dates coming up. I’m wondering if shows in Vegas have a different energy than the rest of the country?

Makhlouf: Oh, definitely. The shows in Vegas are special because it’s all three of us; most of the time Sam (Frisch) and I tour and Alex (Makhlouf) stays in the studio, but Vegas and Atlantic City, we bring out all three of us and make it crazy events. We’ve brought out Bebe and Busta Rhymes and Wiz Khalifa. It’s fun and it make sit like a party. We’ve brought out an acoustic guitar and stop the music and have a full sing-along. We didn’t know how it was going to go, but it was really fun and inspiring.

Cash Cash Tour Dates:

February 28 – Las Vegas, NV @ Omnia Nightclub

March 11 – Las Vegas, NV @ Jewel Nightclub

March 15 – Chicago, IL @ Lectric Leprechaun

March 20 – Las Vegas, NV @ Jewel Nightclub

March 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon

March 25 – Park City, UT @ Park City Live

March 26 – Las Vegas, NV @ Wet Republic Ultra Pool

March 31 – Las Vegas, NV @ Hakkasan

April 7 – Las Vegas, NV @ Omnia Nightclub

April 14 – Las Vegas, NV @ Hakkasan

April 21 – Kansas City, MO @ Mosaic

April 22 – San Diego, CA @ Life in Color (Valley View Casino Center)

April 27 – Las Vegas, NV @ Hakkasan

April 28 – Chicago, IL @ Prysm Nightclub

May 19 – Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Festival

June 2 – Las Vegas, NV @ Hakkasan

‚ÄčROZES Tour Dates

March 9 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry

April 11 – Boston, MA @ Middle East

April 18 – Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java

April 29 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory

TBA – Austin, TX @ SXSW