Gryffin Talks New Track 'Feel Good' With Illenium & Daya, Dream Collabs & What's Next

Koury Angelo


Today (March 3), Gryffin dropped his brand new uplifting track "Feel Good" with a little help from Illenium and Daya

"Feel Good" is high-energy, melodic ear candy. Billboard Dance got the chance to speak with the LA producer about how the track came together, how the political climate is going to affect music that's coming out in the near future and his creative process for piecing together those addictive melodies. 

How did you link up with Illenium and Daya for “Feel Good”?
I first heard an early demo from Daya about 6 months ago and was immediately obsessed. She's such an incredible talent, and the topline and lyrical content just pulled me in and I knew it could be something special. I was finishing up my tour in Denver, and I messaged Nick (Illenium) to see if he wanted to get together and work on some music. I pulled up this demo, saw his reaction and knew right away this was something he was vibing to. We laced down a foundation out in Denver and then I began tracking the guitars and other instrumentation back home in LA. We sent the track back and forth for a month or so until we got it to a place we were both really happy with!

As a classically trained pianist, how does that affect how you put records together and when did you start playing?
It definitely helps me put together tracks, as that's usually always where the productions start for me. I started playing the piano when I was 7 and I think it's had a major impact on how I produce and how I construct melodic arrangements. Having a deep understand of music theory, chords, and key signatures has given me an ability to really showcase the melodic side of what I want to bring to every Gryffin production.

Your tracks are also very melody focused. What’s your creative process like for crafting those melodies?
I really begin by understanding on a deep level a couple of things: what the song is about, what messaging I'm trying to accomplish with the record, what emotions do I want to convey, and what type of feeling do I want the listener to have? Once I get a good understanding of that, I begin writing chord structures and melodic topline ideas with either the piano or guitar, and then venture into sound design and sound choices to give the song a more electronic feel.

How do you think the political climate is going to affect the mood of dance music that’s going to be released in the near future?
That's a great question. I think the political climate is going to influence all genres of music. I absolutely think there will be movements of music and culture that will convey feelings of frustration, anger, and worry over the future. However, on the positive side, I also think there will be music that reflects feeling of hope, and perseverance. Our young generation is extremely in-tune with what's happening politically and we have so much awareness and opinions on what is happening and it will show in the music. It's certainly an interesting time for our country right now, and I'm sure the music will be influenced by the times.  

If you could collaborate with anyone at all, who would it be and why?
Florence Welch because she has the voice of an angel.  

What can fans expect from the live shows you have coming up?
They can expect a bigger stage, production, and visuals, with a few surprises that I'll be revealing at festivals this summer.

What’s next for you musically?
I'm finished up a few pieces of music right now and will be debuting them and releasing them as we get closer to the summer/festival season. I am aiming to put out an EP this year, but I don't want to rush it out or put out a production until I'm really satisfied with the body of work.