Zomboy & 12th Planet Absolutely Lose It on 'Dead Presidents' ft. Jay Fresh: Exclusive

Courtesy of Never Say Die Records

Zomboy and 12th Planet cranked it up to a new level on their new collab "Dead Presidents" premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance today (March 1).

The track wastes no time and starts off strong with a middle-eastern feel that leads into the first drop that hits around 26 seconds in and it doesn't slow down from there. It's all over the place in the best way possible.

Jay Fresh is featured on the track dropping lines throughout like, "We're getting to that money," in between the spastic synth that will make you lose your mind. It ends with a fade out that will allow you to recover and return to your regularly scheduled programming.

"Dead Presidents" is featured on the 20-track compilation album Never Say Die One Hundred that features all new material to celebrate Never Say Die Records' 100th official release.