Reid Speed's 'Animal' Is a Wild Love Song That'll Make You Do a Double Take: Listen

Reid Speed
Jamie Rosenberg 

Reid Speed

Press play on Reid Speed's latest tune “Animal,” and you may be surprised with how sweet it sounds. It's got that glistening sheen of pop romance, which may be due to the fact that it was originally written around a Maroon 5 vocal. Adam Levine has that effect ladies, but this is Reid Speed, a woman who made her name in the deepest trenches of bass, and just when you think you know the song, it turns into a screeching dubstep, drum'n'bass monster.

As for those vocals, Levine had to be replaced. After a bit of trial and error, she landed with her friend Burnheart's dirty, flirty lyrics.

“I saw (Burnheart) posting on Facebook about how he was a vocalist and looking for projects to sing on,” Speed says. “I sent him the instrumental and his first take was amazing. The song just felt complete! We had never worked together before, nor did I provide any instructions on what I was looking for, and yet he just vibed with the song, and it came out magical."

Check out “Animal” on Speed's own Play Me Records below.