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Justin Caruso & Victoria Zaro Walk Away From Bad Love on 'Talk About Me': Exclusive

Nikko LaMere
Justin Caruso

Ever have a friend tell you over and over again about this person you should meet, like they just know it will be magic? Getting set up it definitely weird, but some of the best relationships come from all-knowing mutual friends – and we aren't just talking about romance.

Young producer Justin Caruso and The Chainsmokers' “New York City” vocalist Victoria Zaro were both enrolled in the music program at the University of Southern California. Their friends bombarded them with “y'all should work together” conversations, and when they finally crossed paths on campus, they realized their friends were right. They made a date in the studio, channeled the pain of former and less fruitful relationships, and came out with a tune so good, it's become Caruso's first original song.

“This one goes out to all the people dealing with a break up,” Caruso says in an emailed statement, “to remind you to be the strong one and get through it with a smile on your face, because at the end of the day, you control your happiness, not them.”

“Talk About Me” comes in a bit somber with melancholy piano chords but picks itself up as Zaro's words build emotional strength. It's a tad tropical with a touch of future bass on the hook and plenty of organic instrumentation. It's definitely up the alley of any fan of the Chainsmokers. Listen to it below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.