Hotel Garuda Turns Royksopp's 'Never Ever' Into a Bumping House Ballad: Exclusive

Ryan Chang
Hotel Garuda

Fans familiar with Royksopp's “Never Ever” feat. Susanne Sundfør knows its full of that classic, colorful Royksopp energy. The Norwegian electronic duo have been churning out some of the most fun dance floor hits on the market since the late '90s. Royksopp has worked with Robyn, The Knife and Fever Ray's Karen Dreijer Andersson, and other luminaries of the genre. It's easy to see how Hotel Garuda were so shocked to get their on-the-fly remix of “Never Ever” picked up.

"I first heard of Royksopp in the FIFA '06 video game soundtrack, but only recently started listening to their music in depth,” says Hotel Garuda's Aseem Mangaokar, aka Candle Weather. “Chris (aka Manila Killa) and I both liked the song 'Never Ever' so much. We wanted to put our own twist on the track, and though it took us a lot of trial and error to get the vibe right, we're really excited with the outcome and grateful to be given the opportunity to release it officially."

Hotel Garuda turned down the lights on the bright and bubbly tune, twisting it ever so slightly into a bit of a darker hue. It's still got plenty of bangin' in its beat, still will have you swinging on the dance floor. It's just a bit more demure this way, a bit more emotionally compelling.

Check out Hotel Garuda on tour now. The “Never Ever” remix is out officially Friday, Feb. 24, but you can listen to it below exclusively on Billboard Dance