starRo Shares Interpretive Dance Video for Grammy-Nominated Remix 'Heavy Star Movin:' Exclusive

A scene from the video for starRo's remix of "Heavy Star Movin'"
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A scene from the video for starRo's remix of "Heavy Star Movin'"

It was a big year for starRo, the Japanese beat maker who made a bit of history as the first Japanese artist to be nominated for a Grammy this past season. He nabbed the honor for his remix of The Silver Lake Chorus' “Heavy Star Movin,” a song, written by the Flaming Lips, that is as mysteriously enchanting and hauntingly magical as the full night sky. It's an orchestral bit of music, and starRo's injection of disconnected rhythms and jazzy electronics brought the track to undeniable new heights.

“When I was given the original song to remix, I was on tour driving through these beautiful snow covered mountains,” starRo says. “The remix was definitely a reflection of that experience and this video perfectly captures that. Thanks to Vero, we were able to go all around California and even through parts of Mexico to capture some amazing shots.”

He did not take the golden gramophone home. The award ultimately went to RAC's Bob Moses rework, but “Heavy Star Movin” is compelling none the less. It's even more compelling when paired with its new music video.

Produced by Cameron Rath, directed by Dustin Muenchow, choreographed by Penny Wild (the female dancing lead), edited by Ron Hill, with cinematography by Shan Liljestrand, the video also stars male dancer Austin Spacy. She brings starRo's bubbly, jocular beat to life with a series of beautifully disjointed movements as she travels through the projected scenes of intoxicatingly beautiful and incredibly varied natural landscapes. In the end, it's still the night sky that captures the holiest of musical moments.

Check the video out for yourself below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

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