The Chainsmokers Will Debut Sony PlayStationVR Video of 'Paris' at SXSW

The Chainsmokers
Rory Kramer

The Chainsmokers

Ever watch music videos and wish you were there? Like, take The Chainsmokers latest song “Paris,” for instance. That seems like it has all the FOMO potential in the world. Who doesn't want to stroll through the romantic, weather-worn streets of Paris, with whatever adorable things are sure to ensue?

Sony had the same thought, and since the technology company is already signed up to work with the dance-pop duo on their Virtual Reality project “Lost in Music,” they decided to go ahead and film a special VR video version of their new song "Paris", so you can actually experience the world of “Paris” as if you, too, are the star. It's different than the official video The Chainsmokers just dropped, so don't act like you've seen it all so soon.

“We are excited to work with The Chainsmokers,” Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, is quoted in a press release. “Sony is always pursuing new ways to move people emotionally, what we call ‘Kando’ in Japanese. With “Lost in Music,” we aim to create an immersive experience by combining music and virtual reality in a way that only Sony can. Virtual reality has already demonstrated that it can change the way that games are experienced. We wanted to take that one step further and demonstrate a completely new dimension of entertainment.”

Now all you need to do is fly to SXSW in Austin, Texas, for the big premiere March 15. Or, if you own a PlayStationVR headset, it will most likely come to you eventually. The video is only for PlayStationVR, so if you really love the Chainsmokers, add that to you Amazon wish list.