Incubus' New Album Includes Skrillex Collaboration

Jason Nocito

It's been almost six years since Incubus released its last album If Not Now, When? and the hype to hear what's coming next is growing strong. The band has played its new album for music outlets across the country, including Billboard and California radio station KROQ.

KROQ's music director Lisa Worde recently spoke to about the album's sound, and she let out the news that at least one of the tracks was a collaboration with Skrillex.

“I may or may not have heard something,” she is quoted. “OK, it’s fricking fantastic!”

Billboard Dance can confirm this and reached out to both Skrillex and Incubus for comment. Worden goes on to say it's a bit back to their roots with lots of hard guitar and some quite sexy moments from singer Brandon Boyd. KROQ will premiere the LP's first single “Nimble Bastard” on Feb. 16.