MUST DIE! Blasts Donald Trump on Dubstep Protest Anthem 'Resist:' Listen

Must Die!
Chelone Wolf

Must Die!

“We have a President who has to talk about how many times he's been on the Time Magazine cover in comparison to a football player.”

“A reminder that the President's top aide just told the New York Times that the press should 'keep it's mouth shut.'”

“It's disgusting, I don't know what else to say. You can't do that if you're the President.”

That's just half of the first 25 seconds of MUST DIE!'s damning dubstep protest anthem “Resist.” He's leaving nothing to the imagination on this one, joining the hoards of celebrities, actors, and musicians who are taking a strong stance against the Trump administration, it's attitudes, and it's policies.

“Resist” builds an aggressive chorus of womps and screeches around samples of NSFW anti-Trump protest chants. Halfway through, he samples the controversial comments Trump made on Access Hollywood during an off-camera moment in 2005.

It's a release as free as American speech, so grab it up on the download below.