UZ, Two Fresh & Elliphant Dare to Be Different on 'Stockholm White': Exclusive

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“Stockholm White”: That's the name of the best-selling wall paint in Sweden. It's basically white with a smidgeon of cream in it. In a word, it's bland, it's redundant, it's boring.

The song “Stockholm White,” of course, is anything but. UZ rose to prominence for his unique style of trap house beats. He knows how to get deep and dark and creepy, but he can also get real hyphy. He's been a fan and a friend of the duo Two Fresh for three or four years now, and “Stockholm White” is the fresh collab Two Fresh called “a long time coming.”

“I've always liked their music, so we decided to get in the studio together a few months ago,” UZ tells Billboard in an emailed statement. “The ideas came out fast, and we had something really interesting within a few hours. Few weeks later, I contacted Elliphant, because I knew she would kill the track.”

The title comes from Elliphant's lyrics, insightful words about the need for more unique souls in today's too-often happy to be mediocre world. It's a great message for a song that's so daringly different, even spastic in its composition.

"'Stockholm White' is symbolic for a society where not much sticks out from the organized path,” Elliphant says. “We're all walking within the snail mark that slowly leads us through [a] life of normality."

“Stockholm White” is out on UZ's Quality Goods Records Friday, Feb. 3, but you can listen to it below exclusively on Billboard Dance.