Chainsmokers Respond to Nickelback Comparison With Epic 'Paris'/'How You Remind Me' Mash-Up

Love them or hate them, the Chainsmokers are chart-topping hit-makers ruling EDM's crossover into the mainstream. But, coincidentally, one could have said the same about the much maligned Nickelback more than a decade ago. 

Esquire recently published an article likening the two acts' "genre cliches," "shameless sexism" and "schmaltz." (Their words, not ours.) In it, writer Matt Miller suggested that just as Nickelback signaled the end of post-grunge arena rock, the Chainsmokers too are the perfect scapegoats for the downfall of EDM. 

The Chainsmokers were quick to respond in a pretty devastating fashion, mashing up their hit "Paris" with Nickelback's "How You Remind Me."