Migos' 'Bad & Boujee' Remixes: Listen to 6 of the Best

Migos perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Randy Holmes/ABC

Migos perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Migos' “Bad & Boujee” was already blazing the charts before Donald Glover’s -- whose artist name is Childish Gambino -- Golden Globes acceptance speech gave it an extra spark that sent it sky-rocketing. With the release of their album C U L T U R E, the No. 1 hit is sure to see some more longevity.

With a fire song, and legendary meme -- rain drop, drop top -- it’s only natural that others will want to get in on the action and give the track their own spin. Here are six of the best remixes “Bad & Boujee” have inspired.

Migos: "Bad & Boujee" - ZHU Remix

One of the last producers we'd expect to remix "Bad & Boujee" is ZHU, but we're glad he did. His dark house rendition brings new life to the hip-hop record.

Migos: “Bad & Boujee” - Fabolous & Trey Songz Remix

Fabolous and Trey Songz play off of Migos’ already hypnotic beat and add their own flare through echoes and vocal sequences you’ll be bopping along to.

Migos: “Bad & Boujee” - omniboi Remix

Jazz drums combined with horns make for such a creative take that you’ll be amazed at how well it comes together.

Migos: “Bad & Boujee” - Luca Lush Remix

You may not guess from the somber, borderline eerie start, but Luca Lush escalates this remix into an all-out banger in under 30 seconds.

Migos: “Bad & Boujee” - MATRODA Remix

MATRODA's decision to begin with a manipulated vocal loop of the chorus layered over a heavy bass sets this “Bad & Boujee” remix apart from the rest.

Migos: “Bad & Boujee” - DIV/IDE Remix

This Migos remix is an absolute ride, with hard-hitting dance vibes to start that break down into the original’s verse before circling back around for the chorus. It’s the best of both worlds.