Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' Remixes: Listen to the 13 Best

Ed Sheeran performs on June 6, 2015, in Toronto, Canada.
Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

Ed Sheeran performs on June 6, 2015, in Toronto, Canada. 

Shout out that dude Ed Sheeran. He just took the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100 with his dancehall-inspired, acoustically-textured, subtle fast-love ballad “Shape of You.” There's nothing too big or shiny about the tune, but it's got the kind of vocal hook dreams are made of. You hear it once and you're totally in love.

Because the song is so bare bones, there's a lot of room for producers to have a little fun. The world has no shortage of “Shape of You” remixes, and in honor of Ed Sheeran's big hit, Billboard Dance give you this list of the 13 best.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Major Lazer Remix)

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Galantis Remix)

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Stormzy Remix)

Three official remixes courtesy of Major Lazer, Galantis and Stormzy.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (SJUR Remix ft. The Crones and Vitø?)

A few of these remixes feature original vocals, and this one's dressed up with its own funky take. SJUR's version really pulls out the track's tropical vibe and fills space with a variety of rhythmic textures and vocal harmonies. This pitched, cut-up vocal hook is what does us in.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Codeko Remix)

Codeko comes in strong with one of the most unique takes on “Shape of You.” He's pitched the vocals down, slowed the beat just a smidge, and brings out the bass with lots of dark synth. It's got a taste of the '80s in those screaming melody lines, and the hook has been beefed up into something really special. It's almost menacing in parts, but it's still more fun than it is haunting.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You (Majestic Remix)"

If you're looking for a groovy, four-on-the-floor house take on Sheeran's hit, look no further than Majestic's '90s-tinged anthem. This is dance floor soul to the max with a little bit of hip-hop flair. This one would be great for the roller rink. Listen with lots of lasers.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Crystal Knives x Chalklines Remix feat. Jonah Baker)

The genre label says “trap,” but we are hearing a lot of funk and soul in that winking guitar. Again, we get some cool original vocals from Jonah Baker, and there is something truly sexy about this bass-heavy bridge. By the time trap-inspired hook comes in, our bodies are ready to get low. The rough, filtered bass adds just enough edge to make it dirty.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Stephen Harvey Remix)

This take is all about the ethereal atmosphere created by these liquid, unbreaking synth notes. It lends the light and airy remix a certain regality. It's like wading through a body of water that slowly brightens as you get deeper and deeper. It's really quite beautiful in its simplicity.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Monkeyneck Remix)

Where Stephen Harvey was all about the seamlessness, Monkeyneck plays with staccato elements. Everything is light and bouncy. Some hand clap rhythms and colorful trumpet enrich the tropical tune, and the vocal chorus added to the hook brings the whole track to a warm and welcoming place.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Paul Gannon Remix)

Enough with the soft, subtle, tropical vibes. It's time to turn this track up to 11. Paul Gannon gives hardstyle heads something to rally behind. This one has big festival crowd all over it. The tempo is turned up, the edges are roughed, and the drums are massive.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (NOTD Remix)

We're sweating over here. Time to turn things back down. This remix keeps everything we love about the acoustic elements intact and beefs up the beat a bit. The future bass hook, in all its pitched-up vocal loveliness, is what sealed the deal for us.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Kyle Meehan Remix)"

Speed it up, balance out the low end with plenty of bass, and throw a bright garage beat on top. Kyle Meehan knows how to be effective with simple touches. There's still plenty of island flair, but this has club floor written all over it.

Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" (Ayden Carrigan Remix)

There's nothing particularly wild about this remix, but we can't stop listening to it. The simple edits to the vocals have us totally hooked. The uptempo house beat is easy to love. This is just a dank rework, straightfoward as it might be.