Diplo and Autoerotique Get Up-Close-and-Personal With Hoop Girls in 'Waist Time:' Watch

Courtesy Photo
A scene from the video for Waist Time by Diplo and Autoerotique.

If you're going to make video for a song that's all “girl work your waist line to the bassline,” it makes sense to strap a GoPro to a hula hoop and turn that footage into a video. That's what Diplo and Autoerotique did for their collaborative single “Waist Time.” What a clever play on words, eh?

The song itself isn't anything ground breaking, with a bunch of rough dubsteppy bass and a pitched-down vocal. But it certainly sounds like something a festie hoop girl and her bass-head boyfriend would get down to in some wide open field this summer, or the summer of 2012, or whenever.

Watch the "Waist Time" video below.