Tiesto Seizes the New Year and Celebrates His Birthday With 'On My Way:' Listen

Jordan Loyd


It's been a while since Tiesto had to prove himself. The Dutchman has been on of the biggest and most successful DJs in the world for almost two decades, but he still remembers those early days of struggle. It's to those people who need a helping hand, those digging in the dirt to find one more ounce of strength to continue that he dedicates his latest single and first of 2017.

“On My Way” is a light-hearted pop single with an undertone of soul and lots of fun horns and hand-claps. Up-and-coming vocalist duo Bright Sparks tells a story of not giving up, no matter how the empty your luck barrel may seem. It's got a super memorable hook that sticks in your head after just one listen, so get ready to sing it all day whether you like it or not.

Out today on iTunes and Spotify, the release comes days before Tiesto's birthday, Jan. 17. He's celebrating with a performance in Hakkasan Vegas Saturday night, Jan. 14, when he'll be honored in the lobby of Las Vegas' MGM Grand, handed a key to the city by County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, and henceforth, every Jan. 14 in Vegas shall be known as “Tiesto Day.” “On My Way,” meet “I have arrived.”