The Chainsmokers Take a Solo Turn on Nostalgic New Single 'Paris'

The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart took a significant step forward as an artist when he joined Halsey on the mic for last year's chart-topping duet "Closer." The duo's newest single represents yet another important milestone in their evolution.

"Paris" is the first Chainsmokers song without a featured vocalist since 2015's "New York City," which contained uncredited vocals by Victoria Zaro. While "Paris" also features uncredited female backing vocals by Emily Warren, Taggart takes the lead solo this time, reminiscing about romance in the French capital with confidence that he can carry a pop song.

Taggart recently wrote on Twitter that he likes to write songs about small moments, because it makes it easier for people to take and make them their own. These lyrical vignettes can be heard here in verses ("You look so proud standing there with the flower and the cigarette. Posting pictures of yourself on the internet") that hold the aural aesthetic of faded Polaroid pictures.

Sonically, "Paris" is arguably the least dance-oriented single from the duo to date, trading in the synth-driven pop drop of "Closer" for a distorted guitar lick, understated piano chords and drums that would feel at home on a Snow Patrol record. It's a welcome sound that suits their roots as indie rock remixers, long before the glitz and glamor that comes with conquering charts.

Check out the song's lyric video below, courtesy of the ever-impressive Rory Kramer.