Watch Sean Paul Get Reflective With Dua Lipa in 'No Lie' Video: Exclusive

For those hoping 2017 could be the year “it's lit” would finally die, Dua Lipa may have just crushed your dreams. She just had to sing the slang in her chorus for Sean Paul's totally replay-able new R&B-tinged party jam “No Lie,” and so we may be relegated to not only hearing the phrase “it's gonna be lit tonight,” but actively singing along.

All begrudging aside, “No Lie” is real sexy. Sean Paul shows a new level of sensuality in the song's opening chords. It's a bit moody before the rump-shaking hook comes in, and Paul's signature vocals are a rhythm in themselves. The video is equally hypnotizing as Paul and Lipa strut and lie about in a hall of mirrors.

"No Lie" is up for grabs on iTunes and Spotify. Check the official video below.