Teen Death at Fabric London Ruled MDMA Overdose: Report

Fabric nightclub in London.
Sarah Ginn/PYMCA/REX/Shutterstock

Fabric nightclub in London.

The 18-year-old whose death led to the revocation of London nightclub Fabric's license had taken a high dose of MDMA, according to an inquest.

Jack Crossley passed of a fatal heart attack on August 6, and The Guardian reports his autopsy found 2.2 micrograms of MDMA per milliliter of blood, a concentration well beyond that which the body can safely process. As Crossley was the second teenager to die at Fabric in the span of six weeks, the club's license was revoked following an Islington police application.

After being forced to close its doors in September 2016, Fabric launched a two-month initiative in local courts to get its license back. An outpour of support from the international dance community helped the Islington Council and Fabric reach a compromise in November which allowed the nightclub to resume operations, on the condition that the nightclub adhere to 40 rules and policy implementations meant to reduce the risk of drug-related injury or death in the future.

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