The Prodigy Promises New Music in 2017

The Prodigy
Paul Dugdale

The Prodigy

Ask any producer aged 35 to 25 to name their five biggest influences, and you've got a 75 percent chance you'll hear The Prodigy mentioned. The English electronic trio's seminal LP The Fat of the Land hit ears in 1997 at the height of the big beat era, and helped redefine the genre. It was exciting, it was raw, it was punk, and it was loud as all hell.

The Prodigy continues to be one of the most revered acts in the electronic world, but they're a rare bird on stage and in the studio. Looks like 2017 is scheduled to be a big on for the band's fans though: The group was already announced as a headliner at 2017's Ultra Music Festival in Miami and EXIT's new Sea Star Fest in Croatia.

Now, the band has taken to social media to promise new music in the coming months. No final word on if the release will be a proper album, or when exactly in 2017 fans can expect a drop, but the suspense is half the fun, right?