Tyga Songs Remixed: Listen to 5 of the Best

Pamela Littky


Tyga has a plethora of bangers such as hip hop anthem “Rack City”, the track that had party-goers throwing cash to ceiling. But before he had fans singing along and making it rain, the California-born rapper was trying to make a name for himself. 

Back in 2007, Tyga released his first independent project No Introduction which eventually landed him a deal with Young Money Entertainment/ Cash Money Records. 

Nearly a decade after hitting the music scene, T-Raw has accumulated a few chart-topping hits, award nominations, and even launched his own Last Kings fashion line. 

For all his fans out there -- and the folks that love to dance, here’s a round-up of the 5 best Tyga songs remixed.

Tyga- “Make It Nasty” (Party Favor Remix) 

Known as the “trapstep version," this Party Favor Remix is a complete transformation of one of Tyga’s biggest hits. The unique style of music blends elements of trap and electro music.

Tyga – “Rack City” (Amine Edge & Dance Remix)

Here’s what fist-pumping to “Rack City” would sound like. The Tyga song's catchy chorus loops around a dance beat for nearly seven minutes straight.

Pia Mia ft. Chris Brown & Tyga – “Do It Again” (Beau Di Angelo Trap Remix)

Electro-pop single “Do It Again” hit the Billboard Hot 100 back in summer ‘15 and is still a party favorite. The trio's collaboration features Tyga’s bars on the intro followed by a mash-up of Mia and Brown’s vocals. 

Chris Brown ft. Tyga – “Ayo” (DJ Diz Jersey Club Remix)

Jersey club music originated in the 90s, influenced by Baltimore club music from the previous decade. This remix of Tyga's song “Ayo” is a fusion of hip hop, bounce, and house with emphasis on the bass and tempo.

Tyga- “ 1 of  1”  (DJ RD and DJ BRAD Tropical Remix)

Ready for some island vibes? The tropical remix adds a little more flavor to the Tyga song with a combination of Reggae and Latin sounds. Remixed by DJ RD and DJ BRAD, this version will have listeners reminiscing about summertime.