Life in Color Miami Announces Secret Headliner: Om Telolet Om

Life in Color Miami
Courtesy of Life in Color Festival 

Life in Color Miami.

As “om telolet om” continues to set the world on fire with its sick arpeggio and head-scratching virility, Life in Color's flagship Miami festival jumps on the bus to capture some of that sweet meme-able heat.

The “world's largest paint party” took to Twitter to announce Om Telolet Om as its secret headliner. The Indonesian phrase joins superstars Diplo, Carnage and Marshmello for the big 10-year anniversary celebration Saturday, Jan. 28.

All right, so “om telolet om” is really just a thing Indonesian kids yell at local bus drivers to honk their horns, but it is a phrase taking the music world by storm. Tons of DJs have been tweeting it out, including real-life LIC headliner Marshmello, so this stunt is appropriately hilarious and on-theme with the rest of the electronic dance community. Check the Life in Color website for tickets and more info.