Zedd Shares Indonesia Recap Video in Honor of 'Om Telolet Om' Meme

A scene from Zedd's Indonesia recap video.
Courtesy Photo

A scene from Zedd's Indonesia recap video.

While the sounds of Indonesian buses takes the whole world by storm, Zedd breaks out as one of the international meme's greatest supporters. Ever since the phrase “om telolet om” broke into our collective consciousness via an insane amount of social media spam, the True Colors producer and DJ has taken the idea as a new mantra.

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He was one of the first to share it on Twitter, and now, he makes it the banner of his Indonesian tour recap video. Looks like he's been at the center of the phenomenon the whole time.

The clip is super fun. We even see some buses, although we do not get to hear them honk the horn. The video does, however, feature Zedd's crazy-good “Let Me Love You” remix. Check it out, and keep honking that horn, sir.