Alyx Ander Premieres 'Memories of You' feat. Srey Davi (Alyx's Day Mix): Exclusive

Alyx Ander
Stuart Tracte

Alyx Ander

Miami-based producer and DJ Alyx Ander is back with his enchanting remix of “Memories of You" feat. Srey Davi. Part of a remix package being released on Friday (Dec. 9), Alyx Ander has teamed up with Billboard Dance for the exclusive premiere of the Day Mix to hold you over until then.

Simple bass drives the track without completely overpowering it, giving off a light, sweet-sounding rhythm that lets you float along with the song.

“As I was finishing the original, I realized it was shaping up as more of a night-time track,” he says. “That was great, but being from Miami I was also inspired to create something that would complement those day time gatherings by the pool.”

The remix package will also include remixes from UK Drum & Bass duo, Pola & Bryson and Australian House producer, Alex Preston.

Listen to Alyx’s Day Mix of “Memories of You" feat. Srey Davi below.