Madeon & Porter Robinson Say Their Shelter Collaboration Has a Shelf Life

Madeon and Porter Robinson
Koury Angelo

Madeon and Porter Robinson

If you didn't see Porter Robinson and Madeon?'s joint Shelter tour, you might be sore out of luck. The two were just featured on SiriusXM's #bpm with Tommy West, and they weren't talking about a sequel.

“I think what makes it special is that we're going to go back to our solo projects,” Madeon told West. “We know this is a transient moment, and that we're taking it all in and enjoying it immensely, but we know that once this is it, it's it.”

“From the start, we wanted everyone to appreciate this experience as something that was temp ,once in a lifetime” Robinson continues. “We want the whole thing to feel like a blink, one single song, one single tour, and then it's over.”

The two discuss other things, like the decision to play theaters over nightclubs and making themselves the characters of the performance, but it's the heartbreaking realization that you missed it that takes the cake. Or maybe you didn't. There are still a few international dates on the Shelter tour running through February of 2017. Grab your passport, and check the interview clip below.