G-Eazy & Dillon Francis Are 'Finally' Working Together

A classic case of unrequited collab may yet have a happy ending.

While the popular vote doesn't mean much in the U.S. political process, it apparently still has a place in dance music.

Fans have been hoping for G-Eazy and Dillon Francis to join forces in the studio for years now. Way back in 2013, one intrepid fan spoke for many in tweeting that the two artists should collaborate and, lo and behold, they replied in agreement. Hope sprung eternal.

However, it's been a classic case of unrequited collab and missed connections since. Poor Dillon was tragically left hanging in 2015, and dance fans were left to wonder if the starcrossed producers' timing would never be right.

But true bromance always finds a way. G-Eazy took to Twitter today (Nov. 27) to reveal that the two artists had "finally" managed to align their schedules (and may just save democracy in the process). Stay tuned for the fire to follow.