Agoria Is 'Up All Night' Making Beautiful Songs for New Label Sapiens: Exclusive

Courtesy Photo

Agoria is a true multidisciplinary artist. He sees music not by the confines of genre, but as one of man’s truest means of expression. He’s worked with artists across the spectrum from Peter Murphy to Seth Troxler and New Order. He’s scored films, set art exhibitions to music, and so it should be no surprise that his nascent label Sapiens will be anything but ordinary. Its future holds anything from house tracks to political speeches, or even, as Agoria jokes, “a gentle computer virus.”

For its first release, Agoria offers a delicately beautiful piece of his own. “Up All Night” is enchanting with a rich, almost sorrowful piano melody, but there is hope in its pulsing rhythm, even as the emotional strings add more weight to the song’s heavy loveliness.

"Up All Night" is the titular track on an EP featuring a radio edit and three remixes. The EP is out Friday, Nov. 25, but you can hear the radio edit today, exclusively on Billboard Dance