Zedd Will Stay in U.S. Despite Trump Victory & Spread Positivity Through Music: 'No Minor Chords Anymore'

Nick Walker


A lot of folks threatened to leave the country if Donald Trump won the presidential election, but when push came to shove, many decided to stay and fight for what they feel is important.

Count Zedd among those who just can't walk away.

“There's not a lot of things that can make me move away from L.A.,” the German-born superstar says, “especially now that I have a studio in my house.”

Throughout the election, the DJ/producer minced no words on Twitter, publicly airing his grievances with the Republican presidential nomineee. The night Trump became President-elect, Zedd tweeted out a picture of his German passport.

“I have a place in Germany, so when things go really bad, I can always go back,” he half-joked. "Typically, I only use it for Christmas, but if it has to be used more often, that's an option.”

Ever the optimist, Zedd accepts the things he can't change and moves on to the things he can; people's attitudes.

“There's always good things when times are bad, [but if] you only look at the bad things, you get hung up,” he says. “I think sometimes it's good to just step away for a second, look at the positive things and all the good things we have.”

Zedd is piling all his positivity into his music, and he's burying himself in the writing process as we speak. This time next year, when all hope seems lost, turn on the radio.

“No minor chords anymore,” Zedd laughs. “Everything will be major from today on.”