DJ Premier Adds His Own Flavor to Twenty One Pilots' 'Lane Boy': Listen

Twenty One Pilots
Jabari Jacobs

Twenty One Pilots

If you loved Twenty One Pilots’ “Lane Boy” before, get ready to fall in love all over again with DJ Premier’s remix.

The official remix dropped today (Nov. 21) with DJ Premier telling Complex, “I saw the 'Lane Boy' video and loved the concept of the song and video. It's about refuting the idea that artists should stay in a 'lane' or be defined by a particular style or sound. 'Lane Boy' is the song I wanted to remix. They sent me the stems and said to rock out with it. The Preemix is now official."

DJ Premier definitely takes the track into his own lane, slowing down the beat from the jumpy, faster instrumental to a mellow banger you can casually nod your head to and even comes complete with classic scratching towards the end. The remix comes fresh after Twenty One Pilots took home two awards, Favorite Duo or Group-Pop/Rock and Favorite Artist-Alternative Rock, at the American Music Awards last night (Nov. 20).

Check out the new take below.