Dillon Francis Goes 'One Deeper' With First DJ Hanzel Headlining Show

Dillon Francis performs in 2015
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Dillon Francis performs during the HARD Summer Music Festival at Fairplex on Aug. 1, 2015 in Pomona, Calif.

Sometimes, you play a role so long, the joke wears off and all you're left with is the strange new identity. Ask Brian Warner, a witty man of stark intelligence who found himself consumed by his alter ego Marilyn Manson. Or look at Andy Kaufman's life. No one even knows who that man truly was.

Dillon Francis, now too, finds himself looking a comical mask dead in the eyes, taking its hand, and jumping off a ledge. If it all sounds very serious, that's because it is. DJ Hanzel does not play games. DJ Hanzel does however play headlining shows, and his debut edition is set for Dec. 22 at Los Angeles nightclub Exchange.

Hanzel was originally created by Francis as a goof through a series of German-accented social media clips. Hanzel is all about going "one deeper," so of course, that's the name of his Exchange show. The punch line dissolved into reality when Francis created an official DJ Hanzel Twitter page and started making appearances as the sunglass-wearing deep house snob, his biggest yet being a back-to-back set with Drezo at Mixmag Lab LA. The show at Exchange will mark the now-very-much-true deep house alias' final step toward actualization. Tickets are on sale now.