Garmiani and Walshy Fire Go Hard in 'Voodoo': Exclusive

Pete Porch


Your newest pump-up jam is here, courtesy of Swedish heavyweight Garmiani featuring Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire. The collaboration, premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance and released via Dim Mak, is everything you wanted that you never knew you needed.

Starting off with an organ, Walshy's vocals and a medium-paced clap, the track gradually builds to faster and faster drumming until the drop, combining manic synth sounds with deep bass. This track screams “It’s the weekend and we’re going to rave.”

Speaking on the dynamic banger of a collaboration, Walshy said in a press release, “I've been an MC during live shows for many years, but 'Voodoo' is the first time my vocals have been matched to music in the studio setting. I really enjoyed working with Garmiani on this record and I think the song turned out dope!”

When it comes to the sound that the two were aiming for on “Voodoo,” Garmiani added, “I've been wanting to bring that 1992 euro rave/euro dance vibe into one of my tracks for a good minute. The combination of the 90's organ with Walshy's dancehall vocals and that bouncy Garmiani drop feels so me. It's all the stuff I like in one big mix.”

“Voodoo” is certainly its own brand of dope and the perfect mixture of styles. Immerse yourself below.