Watch Marshmello Rock Giant Mannequin Challenge at Sold-Out LA Show

Courtesy Photo

Marshmello and fans do the mannequin challenge. 

What do Hillary Clinton, Paul McCartney, Michelle Obama, and Lebron James have in common with Marshmello? They've all vied to be the most “omg” mannequin challenge of them all, and while it's cool to stand still and listen to Rae Sremmurd?'s “Black Beatles” with the FLOTUS, it's a whole 'nother beast to get more than 6,000 people to stand still.

Marshmello went for the biggest mannequin challenge yet with his sold-out crowd at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. It's not the tightest version. You can't really get everyone in such large a place to figure it out, but it is still rather impressive. Maybe it's even more impressive when the crowd starts jumping up and down. That's a lot of people to perform for, and Marshmello did it three nights in a row.