Giorgio Moroder's Disco Brilliance Is 'Good For Me,' Good For You, Good For Us

Giorgio Moroder
Jennica Abrams

Giorgio Moroder

By now, hopefully, we all know who Giorgio Moroder is. He's the German musical visionary behind the first disco hit to use nothing but synthesizers, an instrument which, back in the '70s, was actually an analog machine. That hit was none other than the immense multi-generational classic “I Feel Love” by Donna Summers. You're probably singing it in your head right now.

His career was revitalized by Daft Punk's “Giorgio by Moroder” on Random Access Memories. Because he is immensely talented, he's backed that come-back with jaw-dropped live sets at festivals like HARD and CRSSD, and with a ton of great new material, like his 2015 album Déjà Vu, and this awesome new single, “Good For Me."

Vocalist Karen Harding is soulful over the bubbly beat that captures the energy of those old disco hits with a decidedly modern pop twist. It's celebratory and uplifting, the kind of groove that gets under your skin and forces you to smile. It's totally infectious, too. You don't get to be a legend of Moroder's status without knowing a thing or two about hooks.

Give yourself in to the rhythm on this one. It's not too good for you to have a little fun.