Make the 'Great Escape' With Afrojack & Ravitez in New Single: Exclusive

 Jos Kottmann

Make the “Great Escape” with Ravitez & Afrojack with their new made-for-dancing hit released via Afrojack's label Wall Recordings and premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance.

With vocals from Amba Shepherd crooning “I wanna make the great escape” throughout the futuristic sounding track and a flawless drop, you’ll be escaping to a new world faster than you can say “bass.”

The track was finished in a matter of days. An early version was started before the two performed together in India earlier this year, was tested during the show and was finished the next day. Ravitez, who is signed to Wall Recordings, said that, “India was such an inspiration to this track.’’

Enjoy the “Great Escape” below.