Watch Lido Sing, Drum, and Perform His Heart Out in 'Dye' Video

Courtesy Photo
Lido "Dye"

When we last spoke with Lido, he was telling Billboard Dance all about how he was re-producing the tracks from his expansive Everything album into full-hearted live productions. He recently kicked off his short theater tour in San Francisco, and it will soon wrap in Chicago on Nov. 18. For those of us not lucky enough to get a Lido stop in our city, he at least gives us a taste.

Not sure what it is about hair dye that's got Lido so upset, but it sure fuels some incredible emotion in the recently released “Dye” music video. Lido sings into vocoded keys and goes absolutely ham on all manner of drums and percussion. If this is just one bit of the live performance, imagine what the rest is like.