MDMA May Pose Higher Risk For Women: Report

Getty Images

Deaths caused by MDMA overdose are up and so is global pill potency, according to a recent study by Global Drugs Survey. While an overwhelming majority of users don’t suffer life-threatening consequences, the study has found that women are more likely to succumb to fatal consequences than their male partners.

A recent article from The Guardian theorizes that the increase in danger to women could be caused by higher estrogen levels. MDMA causes cells to retain water, as does the estrogen hormone, which leaves women more susceptible to brain swelling.

The article examines the 10 deaths of young women in the UK no older than 22 years of age in 2016, a statistic up from four total deaths in 2015. The article states that roughly 200,000 people take ecstasy in the UK every weekend, and while most overdoses used to be caused by unknown additives, today’s deaths seem to result from users not knowing just how potent the MDMA pills and powder actually are.

Read the full article via The Guardian.