Tritonal & Jenaux Release 'Broken' Remix Package Feat. Cash Cash & More: Listen

Jabari Jacobs
Cash Cash

Tritonal and Jenaux struck gold with soulful sing-along “Broken.” It doesn't hurt that the track features the indelible Adam Lambert. The playful pop-house ode to new love has been a serious fan favorite since it dropped in August. You know they had to give it new legs with a tight pack of remixes.

Seven tracks in total, Cash Cash heads up the release with a burst of energy. A simple disco piano takes “Broken” to soaring heights, and a funky electro breakdown brings the groove home. It's perfect for dance floors and getting listeners in the mood for the tropical, dubsteppy, Dutched-up versions that follow.

Hear Cash Cash's take on “Broken” as well as the rest of the remix package below.