Drunken Masters Get 'Louder' Than Ever With Portugal. The Man: Exclusive

Courtesy of Drunken Masters
Drunken Masters

Festivals are the best, man. You discover great new music, meet strange fellow audiophiles, and some of them even go on to become best friends. It's like that behind the stage as well. There's no telling how many great collaborations were born of random festival encounters.

Take Drunken Masters' latest jam, “Louder.” It features vocals from psych rock singer John Gourley of Portugal. The Man.

"Louder is one of the first original songs with vocals we’ve ever released,” Drunken Masters is quoted in a press release. “We started working on it 1½  years ago when we met John of ‘Portugal. The Man’ after meeting him at a show in Germany. We asked him to lay down a topline on a chord progression we made, and it took over a year and multiple versions but we nailed it a few months ago. The track represents a lot of different styles we love to combine in our DJ sets & we hope you like the song as much as we do.”

“Louder” plays a little sweeter than Drunken Masters usual. It's cool with a finger snap beat and slinky synth reminiscent of DJ Snake's favorite effect. Gourley plays the perfect melodic partner as the bass heats up for the jovial hook. “Louder” is out Friday, Nov. 4, on Fool's Gold, but you can hear it right now exclusively on Billboard Dance.