The 10 Best Flume Songs

Aaron Richter

Flume photographed by Aaron Richter on May 18, 2016 at Miss Lily’s in New York. 

Flume is without a doubt one of the freshest producers on the modern dance music scene. He's widely credited as the spark of the future bass movement, and that in itself is considered to be dance music's stylistic heir apparent.

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Everyone from Martin Garrix to Zedd to that kid down the block cite him as an influence. He's beloved by preteens and middle-aged mothers alike. His current world tour is both blinding and spellbinding. Plus, he just notched his first platinum-certified single with “Never Be Like You” off his incredible sophomore LP Skin.

It's all gravy in Flumeville, and while he's only been releasing music for six years, he's already worthy of a career retrospective. Here’s our list of the 10 best Flume songs to date.

10. Flume - “Sleepless” feat. Jezzabelle Doran

Flume was signed to his Future Classics when he won an original production competition. “Sleepless” was the winning submission, and it was subsequently released as his official debut. It remains an absolute crowd favorite. It's got that signature lazy rhythm, that chunky hand-clap beat, those wonky synths. If you've got a weird friend who's still never heard Flume before, this would be a perfect way to introduce said sub-rock dweller.

9. Flume - “Wall Fuck”

The best part about “Wall Fuck” is not how weird and challenging it it. It's not that it has a cuss-word in the title, or that it stands out as unique in Flume's song catalogue. It's all of those things paired with the fact that it managed to crack the top 30 on the Hot Dance/Electronic charts. Flume is educating and enlightening the American masses, one tripped-out and abrasive song at a time.

8. Flume - "Smoke & Retribution" Feat. Vince Staples and Ku?ka

Vince Staples does not mess with a beat unless it's dark, different, and damn cool. Flume wisely paired the California rapper's rough and instantly recognizable rap with the charming softness of fellow Aussie Ku?ka. The beat underneath somehow remains the star amid all that powerful identity.

7. Flume - “Holdin On”

This seminal track comes from Flume's debut self-titled LP, released in November 2012. It grabbed a lot of ears and saw the young producer nominated for the Australian Recording Industry's Song of the Year. It went double-platinum in his home country, and still strikes a deep chord in the hearts of fans whenever its stark and solemn intro rings through the air.

6. Flume - “Insane” feat. Moon Holiday

This Flume song is just bonkers. It was only a promo single, not even given it's own official single release, but it's certainly one of the artist's most magical. This is a put your hand on your heart and sway kind of sing-along. This is a hold you cell phone light to the sky moment. Also, that little squeal in the middle there kind of sounds like a guinea pig. Listen. It'll blow your mind.

5. Flume - “Drop the Game” feat Chet Faker

Major super jam alert! This gem is track one of three on the Lockjaw EP collaborative project between Future Classics friends Flume and Chet Faker. Chet now goes by his birth name Nick Murphy, for your future reference, though he sounds just as sultry sexy cool, and this collab is definitely one of both artists' bests.

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4. Flume - “You & Me” – Disclosure

You know your remix is tight when it gets its own music video. Disclosure already had a massive joint on its hands. Flume turned it into a monster. Listening to this song feels like love waits just around the corner. You've got to chase it, and these dramatic strings are perfect for the occasion. This is the song that plays when you're running in the rain toward your soul mate, you know?

3. Flume - “Say It” feat. Tove Lo

Cool story: Flume was inspired to work with Tove Lo after he heard her hit “Habits” in a Los Angeles bar moments after getting out of a Kanye West show. He called her up, and a few days later, the new buds had this anthem to show for it. This is one of the most relatable moments on Skin. If anyone says they've had enough of it, they're lying.

2. Flume - “Never Be Like You” feat. Kai

This is it. This is the biggest moment in Flume's career to date. It's four-times platinum in Australia, his first platinum song in the United States, with charting positions in 17 countries around the world. It's the biggest sing-along in Flume's current tour, but it's not the ultimate climax, which is also a sign of how awesome Flume is. Still, this is a Flume song that simply can't be argued with. If you don't like it, you're broken inside.

1. Flume - “Tennis Court” – Lorde

Ha! You thought “Never Be Like You” was going to be No. 1. We got you! This Lorde cover is just too good. It's haunting, beautiful, soulful, scary, dark, and hopeful. It's everything a Flume song should be. It came at a time when both Lorde and Flume found themselves suddenly thrust upon the world's stage. It didn't sound like anything anyone had ever heard before, and for that, we gotta give eternal props.


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