Skream's Love Goes Deep and Dark on 'You Know, Right:' Exclusive

Courtesy of Global Music

Skream is like a mood ring. His colors shift and swirl depending on the energy in the room. It's an incredible quality for a producer to have, and Crosstown Rebels label master Damian Lazarus agrees.

“I was extremely surprised after sending Damian a batch of tunes for him to say he wanted ‘You Know, Right?’ as my next release on Crosstown,” Skream says. “This proves once again that Damian is a visionary as it’s gone on to be THE biggest tune in my sets all summer.”

The two-track EP You Know, Right? hits fans Nov. 11, but lead single and title-track is available now for your ears only. It's dark and dreamy over a bossy breakbeat, perfect for kicking things into overdrive or settling down into a mesmerized haze. There's a hint of UK garage in the simple vocal and a touch of sci-fi in its cold synths. The vinyl crackles add warmth and romance. At nearly eight minutes long, this is rather compelling stuff.