DJ Shadow Celebrates 20 Years of 'Endtroducing...' with Retrospective Beats 1 Radio Show

DJ Shadow
Derick Daily

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow's been all over Apple Music's global radio station Beats 1 lately. His three-part #RADIOFACE series gave fans a closer look at the iconic beat-maker and DJs inner workings. The first two episodes covered new material and rare DJ mixes, respectively.

Of course, all great things come to an end. For its grand finale, #RADIOFACE with DJ Shadow celebrates the 20th anniversary of his game-changing debut album Endtroducing..., on Thursday (Oct. 27) at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

“I don’t tend to be very nostalgic about my own music, but 20 years is the type of thing I think deserves a little bit of acknowledgement and commemoration,” he says in the show's introduction. “Especially for those who felt connected to the record and want to be able to get some new insight into its inception, its origins, and what it means to me after all these years.”

Throughout the show, he'll tackle issues of living up to his own legacy, bad reviews, the slow creep of success, and struggling to find his audience.

“What was fascinating to me at the time,” he says, “was watching a tug of war go on between the audience i intended to make the record for, which was more of a hip hop audience, and the kind of rock/electronic audience that latched onto the record.”

It's a celebration as much as its a dissection and exploration of the sound that not only defined DJ Shadow's career but a whole new era of beat production. Endtroducing... continues to inspire and amaze. Here's the story behind it.

The program will repeat Friday, Oct. 28, at 8 a.m. ET / 5 a.m. PT Friday. Mark your calendars and tune in live online.