Pezzner Dreamt of Weird Music and Turned it Into His First Dirtybird Release: Exclusive

Steven Miller


Some of us wake up in a funk. Pezzner wakes up in a funky groove.

"I've been paying a lot of attention to my dreams lately, and the music that I 'hear' in them,” Pezzner, a Seattle-native producer, says in an emailed statement. “My mind will go on tangents and will take sounds that are simple and familiar, but turn them on their side in this amazingly surreal way. Sometimes I'll take notes in the morning and try to get as close as I can to the sounds and arrangements that I think up throughout the night. 'The Hand That Feeds You' is just a piece of that. It's what I'm hearing when I dream about music."

Strange noises, tropical bird chirps, and unintelligible voices wander in and out of the ethereal tones, all things tied together by one dope hand-drummed beat. It's alluring, to be sure, and it's perfect for Pezzner's first official release with Dirtybird Records.

“The Hand That Feeds You” is the title track of a two-song EP, the B-side being a dark wobbler called “Right Place Right Time.” The Hand That Feeds You EP is out Oct. 28 via birdfeed, but you can listen to “The Hand That Feeds You” now exclusively on Billboard.