Luttrell of The M Machine Gets Mad Melodic on Solo Single 'Stormwatcher'

Katherine Luttrell

There are two sides to everything, and it turns out that The M Machine's Eric Luttrell has a little bit of a deep house lover hidden away inside his soul.

He's ready to introduce another facet of his artistry to the world, and as he prepares to walk out of the M Machine's bountiful safety net, he gives us his first step.

“Stormwatcher” is nothing short of beautiful, full of exciting emotion and the sound of the color blue. It's one of four tracks on his forthcoming debut EP Need You which comes out on Anjunadeep Friday, Oct. 21. Annie Mac called it her favorite song of the week.

“I wrote 'Stormwatcher' on one of the rare rainy nights we had here in (San Francisco) last winter,” Luttrell says in an emailed statement. “It's absolutely the darkest and grittiest song of the release, both in attitude and sonic texture. But to me, the uplifting atmospheric harmonies and melodies help keep the feeling of hope and positivity that I've tried to weave through the entire Need You EP.”

Curl up with a nice cup of tea and listen to “Stormwatcher” below.