Jeff Mills Walks Offstage in Spain After Being Hit With a Bottle

DJ Jeff Mills performs in 2014
Andy Sheppard/Redferns via Getty Images

DJ Jeff Mills performs at the Royal Festival Hall on June 22, 2014 in London.

Jeff Mills is one of the most respected names in American techno, yet he had no choice but to walk away from the decks in the middle of his set this weekend after an unruly heckler threw a liquor bottle at him onstage.

Mills headlined the opening night of Toledo, Spain's newest nightclub Area 42 and was still in the earlier moments of his set when the heckler landed the heavy hit. It was devastating to the club, who later addressed fans via Facebook saying, roughly translated, “We can't understand how someone can attend a place where the sole purpose is to enjoy and make this type of action.”

It's an alarmingly violent action that brings to mind similar disrespect paid to Duke Dumont, who recently walked offstage after being spit at and spilled on during a set in Canada. Read the full Facebook post from Area 42 below.